Wildpani ....my healing adventure

Wildpani ....my healing adventure

My sprays have been my healing adventure. They came to me through meditations and whilst working as a cleaner and crying ūü•į I would write down what would come to me and play with formulas until they felt right. I was at a low point in my life and I had made quite significant changes, leaving relationships and a crappy job. Everybody told me I was wrong but I keep on following my heart and something deep inside me. I hope you enjoy my sprays also.

Sage Me...

Was made to protect my energies that I picked up from going into peoples homes to clean. I often took their energies home with me which left me drained. This way I kept my beautiful energies that I worked on to myself. 

Just Earthing 

Came to me to help keep me grounded  as I would at times feel like had left my body when times became to overwhelming. 

Love You 

Is my hardest one to make as I worked with my abandonment issues and self-worth. To me the scents are love and to remind yourself to come back to love and that you are love and loved. 

Choosing Happiness 

An uplifting fresh, fun scent to remind and help you remember that no matter what is happening in the world, home  workplace....that we all have a choice on what we choose to focus on.


Is one to calm your mind, to stop the chatter. Great for meditations and aiding sleep. Even watching the bottle can calm you mind as it settles with the metallic colours. 

New Beginnings

Everyday is a new beginning to start again with new thoughts, new attitudes,  new appreciation for all our lessons. 

Wildpani sprays are made with so much love.

Angie ‚Ě£‚Ě£‚Ě£





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